Fractional CMO The New Way to Get the Expertise You Need in 2024

So, you’re spinning a lot of plates being a small biz owner, right?

Playing CEO one minute, marketing guru the next, and don’t even get me started on sales and customer chats.

It’s like you’re the whole band and the conductor.


Now, picture this: What if you could snap your fingers and get an expert to turbo-charge your marketing, but without the headache of a big-time salary?

That’s where a SaaS fractional CMO slides into the picture.

It’s like tapping into a cheat code for business growth without emptying your wallet.

Okay, check this out: there’s this study from 2015, “The Chief Marketing Officer Matters!”, that threw down some numbers.

Companies rocking a CMO?

They’re doing about 15% better than the ones flying solo.

Pretty cool, right?

So, what’s this mystery fractional CMO for SaaS, and why should you be all over this?

And the biggie – how can they take your SaaS game from cool to “Whoa, where did you come from?”

Stick with me!

We’re gonna dive into the ins and outs of fractional CMOs.

And hey, if you decide it’s time to join the bandwagon, I’m here to help you pick the MVP of CMOs.

Let’s kick off with the basics – what in the world is a fractional CMO?

Let’s jump in! 🌟

  • A fractional CMO can boost your marketing without the cost of a full-time hire, making it a smart choice for small businesses and startups.
  • They can create and manage a strong marketing plan, ensuring every dollar in your marketing budget is well spent.
  • Fractional CMOs bring top-notch skills and flexibility, helping your business grow while adapting to your needs.
  • They oversee customer experiences, making sure your customers are happy and engaged with your brand.
  • Experience and proven success are key qualities to look for when choosing a fractional CMO, ensuring they can lead your marketing efforts effectively.

What is a SaaS Fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO for SaaS, or a fractional chief marketing officer, is like a superhero marketing boss for your marketing team, but only when you really need them.

Cool, right?

Picture this: A whiz at marketing, someone who’s seen it all, pops in part-time, or for a project you need a bit of muscle on.

It’s perfect when you can’t afford to hire a full-time chief or need an extra pair of hands for a special goal.

Let’s say you’re running a SaaS gig, and you need a fresh perspective.

You’re cooking up something awesome, but getting the word out?

That’s where a fractional chief marketing officer swings into action.

They have the know-how and tricks to ensure your message reaches your customers.

And we’re not just throwing stuff out there—we’re talking about crafting a plan, making sure every dollar in your marketing budget is working, and keeping tabs on how it all unfolds.

I know what you might be thinking – is this for everyone?

Maybe not.

However, for many SaaS businesses looking to achieve the best results from their digital marketing strategies without the tether of a full-time commitment, this could be the golden ticket.

It’s catching on for a reason.

People are getting why this setup is a big deal.

Is a Fractional CMO for SaaS a Good Idea for Start-Ups?


Oh, the buzz is real!

More and more top SaaS companies are jumping onto the fractional CMO bandwagon.

You know how some companies have their CMOs working full-time?

Well, it turns out that the ones working with a part-time CMO are still smashing their goals.

Here’s the scoop on why the fractional CMO model is becoming a hot ticket:

  • Elite Skills on a Budget: Imagine having top-notch marketing talent at your fingertips without having to hire someone full-time. This is a game changer for small businesses or startups watching their budgets closely.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Think of a fractional CMO as a marketing ninja. They’ve worked with various companies, so they can quickly tweak their marketing strategies to fit your business objectives. How handy is that?
  • Experience and Insights Galore: These folks bring a treasure trove of knowledge to the table. No matter the challenge, they’ve got a backpack full of valuable insights and strategies to help you hit those marketing objectives.

Deciding if a fractional chief marketing officer is right for your SaaS startup comes down to a few key things:

  • Where you’re at in your growth journey.
  • The specific challenges you’re facing.
  • Whether you’re ready to ramp up your marketing game significantly.
  • And, of course, whether you’ve got the resources to support their role.

Ever noticed how similar marketing agencies and fractional CMOs are?

Yeah, they both bring some serious expertise to the table without draining your wallet.

With agencies, you’re looking at a whole squad ready to tackle different marketing moves.

But with fractional CMOs, it’s all about that strategic marketing leadership magic.

Now, you might think, “Outsource a big-deal role like a CMO? Really?”

But here’s the thing—whether your challenges are big or small, the core of marketing doesn’t change.

That’s why the line between the traditional CMO and a SaaS fractional CMO is super thin.

So, what’s in the day-to-day playbook of a fractional CMO, you ask?

Let’s dive deeper!

What Does A Fractional CMO Do?

What are fractional CMOs in charge of? - SaaS Fractional CMO

Let’s break down what a SaaS fractional CMO does and how it can totally boost your business.

Here’s what you can expect from fractional CMO services:


  1. Developing a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
  2. Managing Campaigns and Brand Messaging
  3. Overseeing Customer Experience
  4. Measuring Results and ROI
  5. Providing Strategic Marketing Leadership
  6. Head the Marketing Department

1. Crafting a Holistic Marketing Strategy

A fractional CMO is like the captain of a ship but for your marketing strategy. Strategizing is at the top of their list of fractional CMO services.

They have the map and compass—meaning they dive into all the numbers and research—to find the best route for your SaaS business, both online and off the internet.

They’re not just plotting the course; they keep an eye on the speedometer and fuel gauge, too.

That means they check out how well the plan’s working and tweak things as needed to make sure you’re sailing smoothly towards your marketing goals.

It’s like having a super-smart buddy making sure your marketing strategy is strong and on point.

2. Supervising Campaigns and Brand Messaging

Do you know when you’re part of a team project, and there’s that one person who’s awesome at keeping everyone on track and making sure the project is A+ material?

That’s what a fractional CMO for SaaS does, but for your company’s marketing department.

They make sure your marketing campaigns don’t wander off into the woods.

They keep it glued to what your business objectives are all about.

Think of them as your brand’s compass, always pointing in the right direction.

And, oh boy, do they have a knack for juggling!

Budgets, timelines, you name it.

They’ve got it all under control, ensuring your marketing efforts are not just thrown together last minute.

Now, the cherry on top?

They’re all about making things click with the sales team.

Imagine your marketing and sales efforts fitting together like puzzle pieces.

That’s what happens.

They use emails, social media, and those eye-catching ads to not just get attention but to really spark interest and get people to act.

3. Overseeing Customer Experience

Running a small business can feel like juggling a million things at once, right?

With so much on your plate, it’s easy for stuff like your customer’s experience to slip through the cracks.

That’s where a fractional CMO comes into play.

These pros are all about stepping in and making sure your customers are getting the VIP treatment they deserve.

So, what does that look like?

Well, it could mean getting a sweet CRM system up and running to track customer interactions or overseeing a total makeover of your website and mobile app to ensure they’re snazzy and user-friendly.

Basically, a fractional CMO is there to keep the customer love flowing while you handle the rest.


4. Evaluating Results and ROI

A fractional CMO is like your go-to guru for making sure every marketing effort you make is a winner.

Because they lead the planning and implementation of your marketing strategy, managing your results is also a part of their fractional CMO services.

They dig into all the numbers from your marketing campaigns, looking at stuff like how many folks pop by your website, how many get curious enough to ask about what you’re selling, and, yep, how many actually buy.

Then they whip out their magic wand (not really, but let’s imagine) to determine if the money you splurged on ads and campaigns actually brought in more dough.

It’s all about ensuring you’re not tossing your cash into a never-ending pit but instead spending it on effective marketing strategies.

They help tweak and polish future plans, so you’re always getting better results.

5. Offering Marketing Leadership

Hiring an experienced fractional CMO?

It’s a smart move for any SaaS company looking to up their game.

This part-time marketing consultant brings all the expertise and leadership you need to nail your marketing initiatives.

Think of it as having a heavyweight champ in your corner.

Whether it’s spicing up your branding or rolling out new software, they’re there to guide you through the competitive jungle and help you shine.

6. Leading the Marketing Department

Sometimes, companies go for a fractional CMO to lead their marketing teams.

It’s a pretty sweet deal, especially for mid-sized businesses or anyone who doesn’t have a full-time marketing team on board.

This part-timer steps in and takes over the whole shebang for your marketing team – planning the game, running plays, and making sure the score looks good.

And the best part?

You get all that expert know-how without the wallet hit of a full-time chief marketing officer.


Fractional CMOs are the big players in the executive suite, which means they juggle a bunch of important stuff.

Think big picture! They’re all about crafting that killer marketing strategy with your marketing team to put your SaaS on the map.

Now, here’s the deal: they’re probably not the ones to tinker with creating cool graphics, managing your email buddies list, or putting up the latest blog post.


Because their eyes are on the strategy prize!

For the nitty-gritty, like graphics and blogs, teaming up with a marketing agency is your go-to move.

Who Needs Fractional CMOs?

No matter the size of your company or marketing team, leveraging fractional CMO services can seriously boost your growth game.

Think about it: whether you’re a small biz looking to spice up your marketing efforts or a big enterprise needing a top-notch leader for your marketing team, a fractional CMO provides the expert advice and support you need to succeed.

Wondering if a fractional CMO is the right move for you?

Just take a moment to mull over a few key questions to see if they hit home.

  • Are you looking to improve your marketing results?
  • Do you need help creating and implementing a content marketing strategy?
  • Do you want someone on your marketing team who is up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends and best practices?
  • Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level?
  • Can you benefit from the expertise of a fractional CMO without having to recruit one full-time?

If you’re nodding yes to any of these, then bringing a fractional CMO on board might just be the perfect move.

And hey, for a quick snapshot of when a fractional CMO fits like a glove, just peek at our handy infographic below.


But before you say “You’re hired!” to anyone, you gotta know what jazzes up a good one.

It’s sorta like picking your team captain.

You wouldn’t just pick anyone; you want someone who’s got the chops, who can lead the team to victory.

So, doing homework on what qualities to look for is like knowing the secret sauce for success.

What Makes a Good Fractional CMO?

SaaS fractional CMOs are totally the MVPs of the marketing game!

They’re like the secret weapon for growing a business and boosting profits, all without the full-time commitment.

But what’s the scoop on snatching a good one?

What should you look out for to make sure they can really handle the heat and supercharge your business growth?

What Makes a Good Fractional CMO 1

1. Experience

Picture this: Your SaaS fractional CMO is like that friend who’s always got a story for every situation.

They’ve been around the block, working with big and small companies, and know exactly how to pump up those marketing results and make the ROI numbers dance.


It’s their middle name!

2. Go-to-market strategy

Ok, so these pros don’t just wing it.

They’re all about plotting a course for success that’s so detailed it’s like having a hidden treasure map.

We’re talking about creating buzz-worthy content, deciding on the tech that makes a difference, and basically, ensuring your SaaS biz shines like the star it is.

3. Leadership Skills

Ever seen someone step into a room and take charge like they own the place?

Yep, that’s them.

Whether it’s rallying the whole marketing crew or taking on specific projects, they’ve got the knack to keep the team focused, inspired, and on track.

4. Digital Marketing Expertise

In today’s world, where hashtags could rule countries, these are the folks with the know-how.

They work their magic on SEO, social media, and email campaigns, making sure every digital move counts.

5. Proven Marketing Success

History of hits?

They’ve got it.

These CMOs come with a track record of taking businesses from meh to wow.

Asking for a peek into their hall of fame (aka past successes) is totally fair game.

6. Flexibility

Need them for a power hour or a marathon session?

They’re game.

These champs adapt to your schedule and are ready to go from remote to in-office like superheroes changing in phone booths.

7. Affordability

Here’s the cherry on top – it’s about getting the expertise without draining your piggy bank.

A fractional CMO offers all the smarts at a price that makes your wallet breathe easy.


While both roles provide marketing expertise, the key difference lies in the level of involvement. A Fractional CMO tends to take on a leadership role within the organization, often partaking in strategic decision-making and acting as a member of the executive team. In contrast, a marketing consultant usually has a more hands-off approach, focusing on specific projects or challenges without the broader executive responsibilities.

The main responsibilities can include defining marketing strategies, aligning marketing goals with business objectives, overseeing campaigns, analyzing marketing data, optimizing customer acquisition costs, and managing the company’s brand and messaging. They may also mentor in-house marketing teams and assist with establishing marketing processes and measurement.

A SaaS company might hire a Fractional CMO to gain access to senior marketing leadership at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO. This is particularly beneficial for startups or growing companies that want to scale their businesses, implement marketing strategies, and manage their brand without the commitment of a full-time executive salary.

The engagement typically begins with an assessment of the company’s marketing needs, followed by a proposal that outlines the scope of work, time commitment, and terms. Engagements may vary from a few hours per month to several days a week, depending on the company’s needs and the CMO’s availability.

Key Takeaway

Ready to level up your marketing game with a fractional CMO?

The next step is to start searching for the right one for your team.

With the qualities and traits listed above, you’ll be sure to find someone who fits perfectly with your company’s goals and needs.

Don’t forget to do your research and ask for past successes before making any final decisions.

Good luck with finding the perfect fractional CMO!

So go ahead, take that leap towards better marketing results and higher profits – all with the help of a fractional CMO!

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