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Isn’t it amazing how AI technology keeps evolving? It’s now a game-changer in various sectors, streamlining tasks and boosting efficiency. And guess what? The world of writing is no exception.

As AI continues to augment marketing and business performance, countless AI writing tools flooding the market follow.

But with each promising to help writers craft high-quality content at lightning speed, how do you know which are good AI writing assistants?

No worries! Our curated list of top-notch writing assistant tools has you covered.

Whether you need an AI writer to write your entire copy, catch those pesky spelling and grammar mistakes, or offer valuable insights on your writing style, we’ve got something for everyone.

So, are you ready to elevate your content creation game with AI writing? Dive right into our compilation of the best AI writing software tools for the upcoming year.

What is AI Writing Software?

AI writing software, powered by artificial intelligence, is designed to create content made of texts, ranging from essays and articles to marketing materials.

These AI-driven tools aim to bring efficiency to the table for anyone engaged in content creation or copywriting tasks.

Some AI writing assistant programs are designed to create written content, while others only help with editing and revisions, like getting rid of grammar mistakes.

With a plethora of choices for an AI writer out there, it’s crucial to do your homework before making a decision. In this article, let’s look at the best AI writer available on the market and what they have to offer.

The 7 Best AI Writing Tools in the Market

As a writer, you’re well aware that maintaining fresh, consistent, and captivating content is vital. But how do you cope when time is scarce, or inspiration seems elusive?

Fear not! We’ve got you covered with the top seven AI tools currently dominating the market, ready to tackle all your content writing challenges.

Whether you need an AI guide with your writing or automated article writing software tools, these tools can bring a lot to the table.

1. Jasper

AI Writing Software - (formerly Jarvis)

Seriously, when people mention blog post writing, Jasper is always the first thing that comes to mind.

What sets Jasper apart from other AI content writing tools is that it doesn’t just give you suggestions – it actually writes the content for you! Whether you need a killer blog post, a captivating newsletter, persuasive Google ad copy, or engaging landing page copy, Jasper has got you covered with its wide range of templates.

And here’s the best part: Jasper smoothly incorporates keywords into the content using natural language processing, giving your content a boost in search engine rankings. It’s like having your own SEO expert in your pocket!

From short digital ad copy to lengthy articles and even poetry, Jasper can generate content that perfectly matches your writing style. It’s like having a professional writer at your fingertips.

With over 50 AI content generation templates to choose from, creating content has never been easier. Trust me, using Jasper will revolutionize the way you create compelling content.


Here are the different plans offered by Jasper:

  • Creator Plan – $39/month: This plan is ideal for hobbyists who want to create short content such as headlines, bios, descriptions, etc. It is not recommended for long-form content creation.
  • Team Plan – $99/month: This plan is perfect for bloggers, website owners, or small teams (up to 3 members) who want to create detailed articles and need to define more brand voices. It’s also suitable for affiliate marketers who want to write product reviews, including Amazon product descriptions, book writers who want to write stories, novels, etc., or anyone who wants to create in-depth and high-quality long content.
  • Business Plan – Custom Price: This plan is great for big teams, big agencies, companies that want to create a ton of content, bloggers, and affiliate marketers who run multiple websites. To know its pricing, you have to contact the Jasper AI sales team and state your requirements. You can customize this plan to meet your content needs.

Best Features

  • AI content generator using commands (Boss Mode)
  • The only AI writer with a long-form editor to create longer articles
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • SEO option with Surfer SEO integration
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Ability to write all kinds of content from social media posts to Facebook Ads, to emails to ads, and everything in between
  • Ability to develop Recipes in Boss Mode
  • Huge Facebook Community

What I Like

  • Many templates to choose from
  • User-friendly, intuitive design
  • Tutorials for beginners
  • Excellent support system; Active Facebook group for interaction
  • Branded output and better output quality with the help of Jasper Brand Voice

What I Dislike

  • Jasper does not accept Paypal, prepaid cards, virtual cards, or other cash apps
  • Pricier than other options
  • No free plan


Jasper ranks among the top AI writer software available today. Being able to generate content in just a few seconds is no longer enough. If you’re seeking a tool to assist in crafting distinctive and tailored content, Jasper is an outstanding choice.

With Jasper, you can make the process of producing top-notch content more simple with its extensive selection of templates and a user-friendly interface.

Though its pricing may be marginally higher compared to other alternatives, Jasper’s comprehensive features and customization options justify the investment.

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Jasper: Let Jasper Write Your Marketing Copy For Free

4.8 on Trustpilot

Jasper is a cutting-edge AI writing software that can help you create long blog articles, outlines, or even a poem. Jasper can generate content that matches the overall style of your writing.

2. OpenAI (ChatGPT)

image 26

It’s not the most widely used AI chat tool for no reason. If you’re considering ChatGPT for writing, let me tell you, it’s like a real human assistant. This AI-powered chatbot is seriously impressive.

ChatGPT excels at answering questions, making it a valuable tool for all sorts of queries regarding writing, whether they’re casual or more formal. No matter what you throw at it, ChatGPT will provide coherent responses that will better inform your writing.

The best part? ChatGPT isn’t limited to just answering questions. It can do so much more! You can use it to craft essays, generate code, and compose emails – the possibilities are endless. In fact, most recently, OpenAI upgraded ChatGPT4.

The recent model can now browse the web to access and retrieve current information. This means ChatGPT can scout the web and provide writers with the information and sources they need as they exist at the moment.

And the coolest thing is that it does it all while mimicking human conversation. You’ll get relevant, up-to-date, and contextually appropriate answers that will make you forget you’re even talking to a chatbot.


Here are the different ChatGPT plans:

  • Basic Plan – $0.00/month: This plan is designed for casual users and beginners exploring AI-driven content. It provides standard chat interactions, basic content generation, and limited monthly tokens. Users can experience the essence of ChatGPT without any financial commitment.
  • Pro Plan – $20.00/month (billed yearly at $240.00): Tailored for professional bloggers and content creators, this plan offers enhanced response times, priority access to new features, and a higher token limit. It encompasses all the features of the Basic plan, along with advanced customization options, integration capabilities, and premium support.
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom Pricing: This plan is curated for businesses and large-scale operations. It offers everything in the Pro plan, with added benefits like dedicated support, custom integrations, and tailored solutions to cater to specific business needs. Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive AI solution for their content strategy.

Best Features

  • Natural language processing for human-like interactions
  • Ability to answer a wide range of questions
  • Context-aware responses
  • Capable of generating content, including essays and code
  • Integration with various platforms and applications
  • Continuous learning and improvement from interactions

What I Like

  • ChatGPT can generate creative content ideas quickly
  • The tool can adapt to various writing styles, making it versatile for different blog niches.
  • ChatGPT4’s upgraded browsing capability can search the web for recent data and statistics.
  • Users can design their own GPT for various writing needs using ‘My GPT.’
  • The custom instructions feature can be used for branding or personalization.

What I Dislike

  • While advanced, it might not capture the unique human touch or emotions for some topics
  • ChatGPT4 usage is limited
  • Over-reliance on ChatGPT may lead to less original content over time.


ChatGPT stands out as one of the leading AI-powered chatbots for those aiming for efficient and versatile content creation for blogging.

While it boasts the ability to generate creative content and ensure consistent grammar, it might sometimes miss the unique human touch in its outputs that will need expert prompting.

The 24/7 availability is a boon for bloggers, but you’ll need to strike a balance to maintain originality and effectively harness its capabilities.

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image 27

ChatGPT: Champion of Text Generation AI

4.7 on G2

Elevate your content with human-like dialogue, available 24/7. From blog ideas to consistent grammar, ChatGPT adapts to your style. Dive into the future of blogging while maintaining a unique voice. Blend technology and creativity!

3. Magai

image 24

I think we’ve definitely found the best ChatGPT alternative with Magai. This tool is seriously mind-blowing.

What sets Magai apart from the rest is its integration of the most advanced AI models, combined with a bunch of powerful tools. With just one subscription, you get access to multiple AI models that will take your content creation to new heights.

But wait, there’s more! Magai goes above and beyond by offering features like reading web pages, fetching YouTube transcripts, and real-time collaboration with your team. It’s like having a whole content creation suite in one place.

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of AI or you’re already a pro, Magai is a tool you absolutely need. It’s going to amplify your content creation capabilities and become your new best friend.

Trust me, you won’t be able to imagine your content creation process without it. Give it a try, and prepare to be blown away.


Magai offers a “Try Free for 7 Days!” promotion, where users receive 10,000 free words during theirtrial period, allowing them to explore the platform before making a commitment.

Here’s a breakdown of Magai’s plans:

  • Personal: Specific features and pricing are not detailed, but it’s ideal for individual users.
  • Professional: Designed for individual professionals, offering a broader set of tools. Exact features and pricing are not provided.
  • Agency: Tailored for agencies, providing collaborative tools and advanced AI functionalities. The exact details are not mentioned.
  • Enterprise: Customizable plans for large organizations. More details are available upon checking all the plans.

Best Features

Some of Magai’s features include:

  • A user-friendly interface with an intuitive chat design.
  • Access to multiple advanced AI chatbot models in one subscription.
  • Capability to read any webpage by simply pasting a link.
  • Ability to fetch YouTube video transcripts automatically.
  • Saved prompts feature for easy access to frequently used chat prompts.
  • Expertly crafted AI personas for better output quality.
  • Customizable AI personas to match specific brand voices or tasks.
  • A side-by-side document editor, eliminating the need to switch between tabs.
  • Organizational tools like chat folders for better management.

What I Like

  • Offers multiple AI models in one subscription
  • Chat folders
  • An array of chat personas + you can create your own
  • You can save prompts
  • Special feature for branding

What I Dislike

  • Some features might be overwhelming for some users
  • Occasional inaccuracies or misunderstandings in the generated content
  • Image generation excluded in Personal plan


Magai stands out as a premier AI platform tailored for content creators aiming to revolutionize their content generation process.

Its integration of multiple advanced AI models and a plethora of powerful features ensures a seamless and enhanced user experience. The option to try the platform free for 7 days with 10,000 words provides a risk-free introduction, while the various plans cater to diverse user needs.

For those on the lookout for a comprehensive AI tool to elevate their content creation, I 100% recommend Magai—it’s a superpowered alternative to the more commonly used ChatGPT.

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image 25

Magai: Supercharged ChatGPT Alternative

4.9 on G2

Dive into a world of advanced AI tools. Whether you’re refining existing content or generating new masterpieces, Magai’s suite of features promises to elevate your creative process. Start your journey with a 7-day free trial and experience the future of content creation.

4. Copy.AI

copy ai

If anything, I found that I generated the best short-form content with CopyAI the quickest. Other tools can generate short-form writing, too, but in my experience, the task felt the easiest with CopyAI.

With CopyAI, you can forget about the guesswork that comes with writing. This AI-powered software helps you come up with ideas, craft social media posts, and create captivating headlines for all sorts of platforms, like websites, emails, landing pages, and ads.

The part that I believe a lot of users will love is that you don’t even need to download or install anything. Just create an account and start generating articles. It’s that easy.


Here are the different plans offered by Copy AI:

  • Free – $0.00/month: This plan is ideal for individual users. It offers access to 90+ copywriting tools, unlimited projects, and the Blog Wizard tool, supporting 25+ languages. Users also get access to the newest features.
  • Pro – $36.00/month ($432.00 billed yearly): This plan is perfect for teams with up to 5 users. It includes everything in the Solo plan plus priority email support, API access, a chat interface, a prebuilt workflow library, and more.
  • Enterprise – Contact Sales Team: This plan is perfect for bigger enterprises that want more control over their AI writing software. It comes with API access, custom brand voices, a prebuilt workflow library, private company Infobase, dedicated support & training, and more.

Best Features

  • Blog post ideas generation with unique content
  • The multi-language feature that supports 25+ languages
  • Generate headlines and ad copy
  • Generate website content
  • Generate ad copy for Facebook, Google Ads, etc
  • Ecommerce copy creation

What I Like

  • Free plan
  • Best for teams
  • Best suited for marketing copy
  • 90+ content templates to choose from
  • Fast and efficient support
  • Unlimited credits

What I Dislike

  • The UI/UX could be better
  • Not suitable for long-form content like blogs or articles


CopyAI is an exceptional AI writing tool tailored for any user, even teams, requiring rapid content generation. As an AI content generator, it focuses primarily on marketing copy, though it may not be the best option for lengthier content such as blog posts or articles.

For those searching for an AI copywriting solution to assist in idea generation and crafting copy for websites, emails, ads, and more, CopyAI is an excellent choice.

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Copy.AI: Say ‘goodbye’ to the blank page for good

4.5 on Trustpilot

With this AI writing software, you can generate ideas, social media posts, headline copy for your website, email, landing pages, ads, and more—taking the guesswork out of writing.

5. Grammarly


I and the entire industry of writing software that uses AI have had Grammarly longer than ChatGPT, but they’re popularity can somewhat be seen as the same. Just for different reasons.

What’s great about Grammarly is that it proofreads your work, checks for grammar errors, and even helps with spelling. It’s like having your very own personal editor right at your fingertips.

When I’m working on blog posts, Grammarly is my go-to. With just a few clicks, it transforms my initial draft into a polished, final copy. It’s seriously impressive how it can level up the quality of your writing.

Grammarly goes beyond just checking grammar. It offers a plagiarism checker and a readability analysis tool, thanks to its deep learning capabilities. So you can ensure your writing is original and easy to understand.

And get this – Grammarly is trusted by big names like The Guardian, Forbes, and even Harvard University. If these renowned organizations rely on Grammarly, you know it’s top-notch.

The best part? Grammarly is cloud-based, which means you can use it on any device with internet access. Plus, there’s a Microsoft Office add-in and a Google Chrome extension for seamless integration. It’s convenient and easy to use.


Here are the different plans offered by Grammarly:

  • Free – $0.00/month: This plan is ideal for users who need basic writing corrections. It provides spelling, grammar, and punctuation checks.
  • Premium – $12.00/month: The Premium plan is suitable for individuals who want more advanced writing feedback. It includes everything in the Free plan: clarity, engagement, delivery improvements, and plagiarism detection.
  • Business – $12.50/member/month: The Business plan is designed for teams and businesses. It includes all Premium features, plus a style guide, team usage statistics, and priority email support.

Please note that these prices are as of the time of this search and may change.

Best Features

  • Grammar checking
  • Spell checking
  • Style suggestions
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Readability checking

What I Like

  • Free plan
  • You can customize the domain, intent, audience, and formality of Grammarly’s suggestions
  • A wide range of features
  • One can use it on any device
  • Compatible with a wide range of apps and browsers

What I Dislike

  • The free version has limited features
  • Expensive


Grammarly stands out as the top writing assistant available. If you’re a Grammarly user, like me, rest assured that your grammar, spelling, and tone in writing are taken care of 24/7.

Its compatibility with multiple languages makes it an ideal choice for writers fluent in various languages.

Today, if you’re seeking a tool to bolster your writing, Grammarly is simply a must. It functions as a grammar corrector, style editor, and plagiarism detector.

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Grammarly: Great Writing, Simplified!

4.6 on Trustpilot

Grammarly has been leading the way in AI-powered writing assistance since 2009 and currently has a user base of over 20 million people worldwide.

6. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is similar to Grammarly, but it’s not just a grammar checker. It identifies stylistic concerns like overusing passive voice and writing needlessly intricate sentences. It’s like having a personal writing guru who knows exactly what to look for.

I also like how it provides valuable tips for enhancing your writing style. When I’m crafting blog posts, it suggests adopting shorter sentences or diversifying sentence structures. It’s like having a writing coach right there at the moment.

Just like Grammarly, ProWritingAid can be used as a standalone application or seamlessly integrated with popular word processors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. You’ll also love the browser extensions available for added convenience.


Here are the different plans offered by ProWritingAid:

  • Free Plan – $0.00/month: This plan is ideal for users with basic writing suggestions and a limited word count requirement. It offers grammar, spelling, punctuation checks, word explorer & thesaurus, and document typesetting, and it ensures 100% data security and privacy.
  • Premium Plan – $10.00/month (billed yearly at $120.00): This plan is perfect for users needing advanced writing and editing tools without word count or rephrasing limits. It includes everything in the Free plan, advanced style improvements, a custom style guide, snippets, 24+ writing analysis reports, customizable writing suggestions, terminology management, author comparison, citations, collaboration, and unlimited document storage.
  • Premium Plan Lifetime – $399.00 (one-time payment): This is the same as the Premium plan but with a one-time payment for lifetime access. It’s ideal for users who want to make a long-term investment in their writing and editing tools.

Best Features

  • Grammar and spelling checker
  • Style recommendations
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Integrations with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Scrivener
  • Export options to PDF, Word, and more
  • Ability to add a custom dictionary

What I Like

  • Affordability
  • Free plan
  • Excellent grammar and style recommendations
  • It comes with a plagiarism checker
  • Compatibility and its wide range of integrations

What I Dislike

  • The interface can be overwhelming to beginners
  • Some features are only available in the premium plan
  • It can be slow at times


ProWritingAid ranks among the finest AI writing assistants for individuals seeking an all-encompassing suite of features to refine their writing.

Though the interface may initially appear daunting, it houses numerous invaluable features that can elevate your writing prowess.

The free plan is an excellent choice for budget-conscious users, while the premium plans provide a remarkable value considering the array of features they encompass.

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prof large

ProWritingAid: AI-powered analysis + human expertise

3.8 on Trustpilot

ProWritingAid’s grammar and style checker contains over 3,000 explanations and videos written by experts, so users don’t need to remember all those crazy rules.

7. Wordtune


Just like Grammarly and ProWritingAid, Wordtune offers real-time feedback on grammar, spelling, and word choice. It’s like having a personal writing assistant right by your side, giving you valuable suggestions on how to improve.

One thing unique that I found about Wordtune is that it adapts to your own unique writing style. So whether you’re a native English speaker or not, it’s got you covered.

And that’s not all – Wordtune also provides a comprehensive suite of writing resources. You’ve got a thesaurus, dictionary, and even a style guide at your fingertips. It’s like having a whole toolkit to help you craft the perfect piece of writing.

But, here’s the real kicker – Wordtune is available for free! Yes, you heard that right. It won’t cost you a dime. Whether you’re just starting out on your writing journey or you’re already a seasoned pro, Wordtune is the ideal companion to elevate your writing prowess.


Here are the different plans offered by Wordtune:

  • Free – $0.00/month: The Free plan is ideal for users who need basic writing suggestions. It provides 10/day rewrites, casual & formal tones, and shortens & expands features.
  • Premium – $9.99/month (billed yearly as $119.88): The Premium plan is suitable for individuals who require more advanced writing assistance. It includes everything in the Free plan but unlimited, plus paragraph rewrite and premium support.
  • Premium for Teams – Contact sales: The Premium for Teams plan is designed for teams and businesses. It includes everything in the Premium plan, plus team billing.

Best Features

Some of Wordtune’s features include:

  • Great looking menu and a slick UI
  • Ability to recognize the tone of the content
  • Sentence expander and shortener
  • Sentence rephrasing
  • Grammar checker

What I Like

  • Free to use
  • Multiple high-quality suggestions
  • Adapts to your writing style
  • A comprehensive set of writing resources
  • Good app compatibility

What I Dislike

  • Uses credits up even when not in actual use
  • UI can be better
  • The free plan is very limited


Its real-time feedback and adaptability to your writing style make it a valuable asset for native and non-native English speakers.

The complementary plan serves as an ideal starting point, while the paid plans are reasonably priced.

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6033631d711dfcbabdeca56c Logo w Star@2x

Wordtune: Your thoughts
in words

3.3 on Trustpilot

In addition to its real-time feedback feature, Wordtune also offers a comprehensive set of writing resources, including a thesaurus, a dictionary, and a style guide.


There are several different AI writing software programs on the market, each with advantages and disadvantages.

There’s Article Forge, Anyword, Seprtstat, and more, each has its use case, so it depends on your needs as a writer.

If you’re looking for software that can help you improve your grammar and spelling, then Grammarly is a good option.

If you need something that can help you with your creative writing, then CopyAI might be a better choice. And if you’re looking for writing software that can make your life easier, then Jasper could be the right fit for you.

Ultimately, the best AI writing assistant is the one that meets your specific needs. So, take some time to explore your options and find the right software.

Yes, AI writing tools like Rytr, Article Forge, and the ones we reviewed here can be helpful tools for content creators.

It can help you develop new ideas, improve your writing, and speed up editing and proofreading.

AI writing software is designed to help writers create better content more efficiently. The software uses artificial intelligence to analyze a text and identify patterns that one can use to improve the quality of the writing.

For example, the software may suggest alternative words or phrases that one could use to make the writing more concise or easier to understand.

Other AI writer software and tools work by using natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze a text and understand its meaning.

They then use this understanding to generate new text similar to the original. The quality of the generated text depends on the algorithms used and the training data the software has been given.

AI writing software is constantly improving and can generate high-quality text.

For example, OpenAI’s GPT-3 algorithm can generate text indistinguishable from the human-written text. As AI writing tools improve, they will become increasingly capable of generating accurate and readable text.

With the advances in technology, AI writing is getting better and better. However, it still has a long way to go before replacing human writers entirely.

In Summary

Finding the ideal AI writing tool to suit your needs can be quite a challenge.

But by carefully evaluating each option’s features and pricing, you’ll be well-equipped to decide to elevate your writing skills and even enable you to pen entire articles.

Embrace the future of writing with artificial intelligence, and stay ahead of the curve with AI writing software tools.

From grammar and spelling checks to content generation, these tools can enhance your writing prowess and help you become a more accomplished writer.

So, why wait any longer? Dive in today and discover how AI writing software can skyrocket your writing abilities!