Jasper AI and Copy AI are some of the best AI writing software on the market. They have changed the game regarding content creation and have made it easier than ever to create high-quality content.

This is all good but are you looking for a Jasper AI vs Copy AI comparison?

…It has been said that writing is one of the oldest forms of communication. Archaeologists have found evidence of prehistoric cave drawings that depict stories and legends.

And in ancient civilizations, such as Egypt and Greece, some of the most revered works of literature were composed by master storytellers.

Fast forward to the present day, and it’s safe to say that writing has come a long way. With the advent of the internet, we now have a potent tool at our fingertips for sharing information and stories with people worldwide. And with the rise of social media, we’re able to connect with more people than ever before.

However, as technology has advanced, so has the art of writing. With the advent of AI writing tools, anyone can create quality content with just a few clicks.

In this blog post, we will compare Jasper AI and Copy AI and see which is the better writing tool.

We will also discuss each tool’s other features and how they can help you with your content marketing.

What Are AI Copywriting Tools?

AI copywriting tools are software that uses artificial intelligence to help generate or improve written content. One can use these tools to create more compelling headlines, improve the overall quality of your writing, or even develop new ideas for blog posts and articles.

While AI copywriting software is still in its infancy, they hold a lot of promise for busy marketers and small business owners who need startup tools to produce content quickly.

With the help of these tools, you can get the high-quality content you need to keep your audience engaged without sacrificing your own time and energy.

Most of these tools use some form of machine learning to understand your writing style and come up with suggestions on how to improve it. Some also use natural language processing (NLP) to help them understand grammar and syntax.

The best writing tools can take all this information into actionable insights that you can use to improve your writing.

About Jasper

78e124f8 b2e5 4bd0 b867 3a5892603f33Jasper is a popular artificial intelligence software that helps generate content for blogs, emails, digital ad copy, product descriptions, and other materials. It was first released in January 2021 as Conversion AI before they later changed it to Jasper.

The software uses the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT3) AI model to help create well-written content that is almost always accurate and engaging.

Jasper has helped many businesses improve their online presence by providing quality content relevant to their target audience.

In addition, the software is constantly being updated with new features and capabilities, making it one of the most versatile and powerful tools available for content creation.

Jasper is the right tool for writers, marketers, and small business owners who need to create quality content quickly. The software is easy to use and provides a wide range of features to help you improve your writing.

Who uses Jasper

Jasper is best suited for anyone who needs to create content quickly and efficiently. The following are some of the most common users of Jasper:

Writers: If you’re a content writer, chances are you understand the importance of creating quality content. However, you may not have the time to sit down and write a well-crafted article or blog post every day. With Jasper, you can create quality content without sacrificing your own time and energy.

Marketers: As a busy marketer, you need to be able to produce content quickly and efficiently. Jasper can help you create compelling headlines, improve the overall quality of your writing, or even develop new ideas for blog posts, product descriptions, and articles.

Small business owners: If you own a small business, you know that time is precious. With Jasper, you can get the long-form content you need to keep your audience engaged without sacrificing your own time and energy.

About Copy AI

0ca8a896 7e18 4163 8fcb 3f314e98612eCopy AI is another popular artificial intelligence software that helps you generate written content for your website, blog, or social media. It uses a similar algorithm as Jasper OpenAI’s GPT-3.

If you’ve ever struggled to come up with the perfect headline, email subject line, or social media caption, you will want to check out Copy AI. It’s ideal for ad agencies, freelancers, and business owners who want to save time and increase efficiency.

It is constantly learning and improving, so you can be sure that its results are of the highest quality.

Who is Copy AI for

Like Jasper, Copy AI is best suited for anyone who needs to create content quickly and efficiently. However, it is designed to help you generate headlines, email subject lines, and social media captions. It is the right choice for you if you’re looking for a tool to help you with these specific tasks.

Ad agencies that need to create headlines and email subject lines quickly will find it to be an invaluable tool.

Some of the copy generated includes:

  • Instagram captions
  • Google Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Facebook link descriptions
  • Generating ideas with its brainstorming tools.

People who are best suited for Copy AI are:

Freelance Writers:

When dealing with many clients, a freelance writer needs to be able to produce content quickly and efficiently. It can help generate copy tailored to the client’s needs.


Copywriters often need to come up with ideas for ad campaigns quickly. It can help them by generating attention-grabbing and relevant copy for the target audience.

PPC Managers:

PPC managers need to be able to create headlines and ad copy that will grab attention and convert. It can help generate relevant headlines and ad copy for the audience.


Marketers need to be able to create content that is relevant and engaging. It can help with this by generating content tailored to its audience’s needs.


Another group of people who can benefit from Copy AI is salespeople. Salespeople often need to develop ideas for subject lines and social media ads quickly.

Copy AI can help them by generating attention-grabbing and relevant copy for their audience.

Factors to Consider When choosing Jasper AI vs Copy Ai

In this section, we will look at different factors side by side that you should consider before choosing between Jasper and Copy Ai.

User interface

Copy.ai’s also has a user-friendly interface but may not be as visually attractive as Jasper’s, but it is still straightforward. After signing up, you will have access to information in the dashboard. From there, you can complete various tasks with a few clicks.

The templates in Jasper are organized under specialized marketing tags (e.g., SEO eCommerce), making it easy to find what you need. Copy AI is a specialized site with fewer templates, but this does not restrict its usefulness.

There are hundreds of tutorials on Jaspers’s website to help you get started with the software.

The community is also very active, and you can find answers to most of your questions on the forum. Copy does not have as many tutorials, but its team offers excellent customer support.


Jasper’s pricing plans are separated into three tiers: Starter, Bose Mode, and Business.

The Starter plan starts at $49 per month and includes all the essential features and 50+ AI copy generators.

The Boss Mode plan, which costs $99 per month, gives you access to all its features, such as Google docs Style editor, long-form content, and, Maximum content lookback.

The Business plan is tailored to businesses with more complex needs, and one can contact the team for a custom quote.

Copy has a single monthly subscription plan that costs $49 per month. This plan gives you access to all the features, including priority support.

They also have a Free Forever plan that allows you to use the software for free with some limitations. In the free plan, you get access to 10 credits which are reset every month and over 90 copywriting tools.

Reviews and Ratings

The last time I searched for reviews of Jasper AI, I found many reviews about it on other sites. For example, Jasper has 3,049 reviews from TrustPilot. All these reviewers give Jasper an excellent 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Copy AI, on the other hand, has a score of 4.6 and only 151 reviews on Trustpilot. According to these ratings and reviews on social media, Jasper AI is a top software platform.

If you are considering these two, check the reviews and compare the ratings before making your decision.

AI platform

Jasper AI and Copy AI are based on OpenAI’s GPT3 machine learning model. This technology uses deep learning to create code, words, and images.

However, the way each platform presents this information is different. Jasper AI is designed to help you create content quickly and easily.

It includes templates organized by marketing tags and other advanced features such as a bulk content generator to make it easy to write articles easily.

Copy AI also makes an extra effort to produce content with a 90% accuracy rate.

It is constantly learning and improving, so you can ensure its results are of the highest quality.

3rd-party integrations

Copy AI is an excellent program for quickly creating copies of documents, but it does not have any third-party integrations. Jasper AI is a better option if you want a more comprehensive writing and marketing tool.

Jasper AI integrates with several other services, including Surfers SEO, Plagiarism checker, and Grammarly.

It also has several important functions for writers and marketers that Copy AI does not have. Ultimately, deciding which program to use depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Content types and lengths

Regarding the types of content each program can handle, Copy AI is limited to copywriting only. On the other hand, One can use Jasper AI for various content types, including blog articles, articles, sales copy, web pages, and even marketing content.

Jasper AI offers several different length options for your content, whereas Copy AI provides short-form content but well-written copy. Jasper AI is better if you need long-form content or various content types.

Supported Languages

The two offer different language options. Users can quickly generate content in multiple languages. This ability makes the two equal when it comes to this particular feature.


Copy and Jasper AI are still lacking APIs. Both promise to release this feature soon.


Any tool is only as good as its support. If you encounter any problems while using the software, you’ll want to be able to reach out to customer support for help.

Copy AI offers email and live chat support and a comprehensive knowledge base. Jasper AI has excellent customer support, with live chat, email, and a detailed FAQ section.

They both have active Facebook groups with a community of users on social media platforms who are happy to help.

In summary, the following are the Pros and Cons of these tools.

Jasper PROS:

Plenty of templates: They have separated the AI generators into different templates to make them easier for you to use. You can always find a template that fits your needs and will help you create content quickly.

Integrations with other software: You can connect Jasper AI to other software to make your work easier. For example, you can use it with Copyscape to check for plagiarism or Grammarly to improve your grammar.

Frequent updates: The team behind Jasper is very active. They are constantly adding new features and improving the existing ones. They hired many engineers in the past year to ensure the software is always up-to-date.

Easy to use: One advantage of Jasper AI is that it is very user-friendly. The interface is intuitive, and you can start using it without any prior experience.

Great Support: Another great advantage of Jasper AI is the quality of its customer support. They have a live chat, email support, and a very active Facebook group.

Jasper CONS:

It is Pricy: The biggest disadvantage of Jasper AI is the price. It is one of the most expensive AI content generators on the market. The credit system they use can be confusing for some users.

Less accurate on Facts: One thing about the output of Jasper AI is that it sometimes gets the facts wrong. This can be a problem if you use it for news articles or other factual content.

Depending on GPT-3: Jasper AI depends on the GPT-3 ai technology. This means that if there are any problems with the engine, it will affect the output of Jasper AI. The last time they updated the GPT-3 model with new facts was in 2019. So, the content generated by Jasper AI might not be up-to-date.


Affordable: The best thing about this tool is the price. It is cheaper than most other tools that generate content on the market.

Easy to use: Copy AI is one of the most accessible AI content generators because of its simplicity. You don’t need any prior experience to start using it.

Numerous Templates: Like Jasper AI, it has a lot of templates for different types of content. This makes it easy to find a template that fits your needs.

Fast: Compared to other AI content tools, it is faster. The output is usually delivered in less than a minute.


Length of the content: One disadvantage of this tool is that it can only generate short pieces of content. This is not the right tool for you if you need long-form content.

Lacks some features: Another downside of Copy AI is that it doesn’t have all the features that other AI content generators have. For example, it doesn’t have an API yet.

Repetitive content

This tool also has a problem with generating repetitive content. This can be a problem if you need to create a lot of content quickly.

Which you should choose

Now that we have looked at the Pros and Cons of these two, it is time to decide which one you should choose.

Here is how to choose the best AI content generator for you:

1. Decide what type of content you need.

Do you need articles? Blog posts? Product descriptions? Social media posts? Email copy? Landing pages?

One can create these types of content with either Jasper AI or Copy AI. However, every kind of content has different requirements.

For example:

  • An article will need a headline, subheadings, and a conclusion.
  • A blog post might need a title and body copy.
  • Product descriptions will need to be clear and concise.
  • Social media posts should be short and to the point.
  • Email copy should be persuasive and have a call to action.
  • Landing pages must be clear and concise with a strong call to action.

Once you know what type of content you need, you can decide which AI content generator is right for you. If unsure, try both and see which works better for you. They offer free trials, so you can test them before committing to anything.

2. Consider your budget.

One thing that sets Jasper AI and Copy AI apart is the price. Jasper AI is one of the most expensive content generators on the market. Copy AI is more affordable.

Copy AI is the better choice if you are on a tight budget. Jasper AI might be worth the investment if you have a little more to spend.

3. Experience level

If you are new to using AI content generators, Copy AI is the better choice. It is simpler and easier to use. Jasper AI is more complex and might be overwhelming for some users.

On the other hand, if you have used AI content generators before, then Jasper AI might be a better choice. It has more features and options.

4. Output quality

Both tools can generate high-quality website copy. However, there is a difference in the output.

Jasper AI generates more human-like content. This means that it sounds more like something a person would write.

Copy AI, on the other hand, generates more keyword-rich content. This means that it is optimized for search engines.

5. Support

The two tools provide excellent support. You can join the vast Jasper community or get help from Copy AI’s team of experts.

Ultimately, the decision between Jasper AI or Copy AI comes down to your needs and preferences. If you need long-form content, then Jasper AI is the better choice.

If you need short content or are on a budget, Copy AI might be a better option. Try each one out and see which one works best for you.


The following are some of the most asked questions when it comes to comparing the two:

Which is better, copy AI or Jasper AI?

There is no definite answer as to which one is better. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Jasper AI is the better choice if you need long-form blog content.

If you need short-form content or are on a budget, Copy AI might be a better option. Consider trying both, and see which one is a better fit for you.

What AI does Jasper use?

Jasper is based on the GPT-3, an autoregressive language model that leverages deep learning to generate human-like text. This model is constantly being updated, which allows Jasper to generate even more human-like text.

Although it is an AI editor, it still needs input from the user to generate the text. The user must provide a prompt or topic for Jasper to write about.

What is Jasper AI copywriting software?

Jasper AI copywriting is a tool that can help you write better copy. It uses AI to generate human-like text, which can help you create a more persuasive and compelling copy with bullet points.

With Jasper, one can develop any content, including blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, etc.

Does copy AI work?

Yes, Copy AI does work. It is an excellent tool for anyone who needs help writing better copy.


Choosing between Jasper AI and Copy AI depends on your needs and preferences. The two AI writing software has different features that make them stand out.

Many users find that Jasper AI is better for long-form content while Copy AI is better for short-form content. In the end, try out both and see which one works better for you.