surfer seo review

When you think about the best SEO tools that the market has to offer, what tool comes to your mind?

For me, it’s Surfer SEO.

But don’t get me wrong, to those who know, Surfer is no longer just about SEO—there’s more to it.

I’ve used Surfer for many of my blogs, and I’m very familiar with its many market-leading features, especially its ‘Audit’ tool.

Surfer SEO Content Editor - Surfer SEO Review

But this year, we’re seeing more SEO tools coming up in competition with Surfer.

You may be wondering, “How is Surfer going to hold up?”

Well, in this review, we’re going to find out what I like and dislike about the new and “improved” Surfer SEO.

After this, you’ll see whether you should be swayed by all the other SEO tools/Surfer SEO alternatives on the market or if Surfer SEO still holds up its OG status.

Let’s get into it!

Summary – Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is still one of the best SEO tools the market offers. Its key benefit and unique selling point lies in its powerful AI-driven features like Content Editor, Surfer AI, and my favorite—Audit. It’s a stellar option for writers and content creators who love real-time metrics and want an easy-to-use, robust SEO platform.

4.5 out of 5
Ease of Use4/5
Customer Support3/5

What I like?

  • High-Quality Articles with Surfer AI: This feature can streamline content creation by handling research, writing, and optimization. Because of this feature, I can create articles with a 3000-word count that are high-quality and SEO-ready in just half an hour. It even comes with AI images!
  • Comprehensive Content Editor: The content insights within the Content Editor can assist users in improving the quality and performance of their content. The Surfer SEO Content Editor has got to be the blueprint for a lot of other SEO tools when it comes to editors. It tells me in great detail what the content needs, especially what target keyword and related keywords to use before it gets published.
  • Audit tool’s Insights Galore: This tool can offer assistance in evaluating and optimizing content, ensuring that it meets the necessary standards for success. Auditing can take time. But with Surfer SEO, it’s fun. The feature tells me what I need to add, remove, push up to the top fold, and more. With ‘Audit,’ it’s easier to understand the technicalities of your content.
  • Easy-to-Scan Dashboard: The dashboard feature provides users with a comprehensive overview of all their assets inside Surfer SEO. All the different Surfer SEO features are arranged like folders in the dashboard. It’s easier access and easier organization.

What I dislike?

  • No free trial: The absence of a free trial may limit the opportunity for users to fully explore and experience the capabilities of the tool before making a commitment, potentially impacting their ability to make an informed decision. I encountered this before as well. Gladly, I’m now past the speculation stage.
  • So-So Keyword Research Tool: Surfer SEO’s ‘Keyword Research’ tool offers standard access to keyword data that can help writers when optimizing for SEO. However, other SEO tools do this better. Personally, I still use other tools when it comes to keyword research tool since the data, like search volume and such, are more comprehensive and reliable.

Quick Verdict – Surfer SEO Review

To cut to the chase, personally, I believe Surfer SEO is still one of the best SEO tools on the market, especially with the recent changes due to the update last year.

With Surfer AI, I can create 3k-4k word articles within just 20-30 minutes—it’s amazing.

Right after the AI generates the article, I can immediately see the quality of the content.

The quality is so good that it only takes me a few tweaks to make the entire content publish-ready.

At first, I was hesitant, but looking at the content score that its robust ‘Content Editor’ is showing, I was sold.

That is all on top of its other strong features that make it easy to create search-engine-optimized content like the ‘Domain Planner’ and my favorite ‘Audit’ tool.

Now, I know for some users, Surfer SEO isn’t so budget-friendly.

But hey, think about it, even with just the Surfer AI feature.


Surfer SEO offers an excellent lineup of features for content editing, auditing, and AI-assisted writing. Its features are, if not the best, among the best in the market. This makes Surfer SEO a top choice for me and for many users.

With Surfer SEO’s most standard bundle, users can already generate a well-optimized article for just $19.00.

If you were to have it written by a dedicated writer, on average, that’d cost $0.08 and $0.20 per word.

But it’s not all A+ for Surfer SEO, either.

Even though I enjoy a lot of its features, there are writing needs that I still find myself doing using other tools—like keyword research.

But really, aside from those, I’ve got nothing to complain about with Surfer SEO.

It’s a tool that seriously gets what its users need SEO-wise, and I think it’s time for more users to experience this, too.

Worth trying
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Surfer SEO


Empower your content with Surfer, the all-in-one SEO writing assistant. Craft engaging articles with real-time optimization, multi-language support, and plagiarism checks. Elevate your strategy, boost traffic, and rank high effortlessly.

Who Is It For?

  • Content creators seek to streamline the content creation and content optimization process by effortlessly and quickly generating well-written and optimized articles that rank high.
  • Individuals are looking to ensure the authenticity of their articles and avoid potential plagiarism-related penalties.
  • Writers who want to handle writing and content optimization in any language, with real-time metrics for structure, word count, NLP-ready keywords, and images.
  • Those in need of support and community engagement to gain helpful insights and interact with like-minded individuals in the field of SEO writing and optimization.

Who It’s Not For?

  • Individuals who prefer to manually research, write, and optimize their content instead of utilizing AI-powered tools for these tasks.
  • Writers who are not concerned about real-time feedback and metrics for article optimization or who are not interested in a community-based support system.
  • Those who do not prioritize a detailed outline builder, unique potential headings, and questions for structuring their content.
  • Users who are not interested in a 7-day money-back guarantee for monthly subscriptions don’t anticipate needing a refund option for the product.

Product Overview

Surfer SEO is a comprehensive tool designed to revolutionize content creation and content optimization.

It empowers users to write articles that read well and rank high, contributing to a significant increase in organic traffic to their websites.

Surfer’s key benefit and unique selling point lies in its powerful AI-driven content creation capabilities.

By harnessing the potential of AI, Surfer allows users to generate briefs with catchy headlines in seconds, write and optimize content in multiple languages, and ensure the authenticity of their articles to avoid potential penalties.

Surfer doesn’t just stop at content creation; it also provides users with a ‘Content Editor’ that offers real-time feedback on content optimization and relevant keywords, ensuring their content is optimized for success.

Additionally, the built-in ‘Outline Builder’ and detailed list of relevant keywords for keyword research set it apart from its competitors, offering users a comprehensive solution for crafting SEO-friendly content across industries.

Surfer SEO stands out by seamlessly integrating AI-driven content creation and optimization tools, providing users with the resources and insights needed to elevate their content strategy and drive remarkable results.

Whether it’s enhancing the quality of written content, boosting organic traffic, or improving your ranking on search engines , Surfer SEO is positioned as a multifaceted solution for content creators and marketers alike.

Personal Opinion

Having used Surfer SEO for years now ever since its earlier versions, I can confidently say that it’s still a valuable investment in 2024.

In fact, it has gotten better.

One of the standout reasons is its exceptional use of AI, which consistently delivers top-notch, high-quality outputs while significantly reducing the time and cost involved.

The AI-driven features, such as the content editor and the “Write with AI” tool, have been game-changers, allowing me to create compelling, SEO-optimized content with remarkable efficiency.

Imagine Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Surfer SEO’s content editor is as easy to navigate as Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

This means that you can produce more impactful content and spend less time writing from scratch, ultimately maximizing productivity and output.

Writing with AI can cut so much time. This is a fact.

And this is common among all the SEO and AI writing tools in the market.

However, the difference with Surfer is that it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the output, which was true in my experience.

Moreover, the power tools like the audit feature have continued to set Surfer SEO apart. 

The audit feature provides a comprehensive analysis of a web page’s on-page SEO health, highlighting areas for improvement and proactively addressing potential issues.

This not only streamlines the optimization process but also ensures that your web page is consistently primed for maximum search visibility.

In essence, Surfer SEO’s proficient utilization of AI and robust features like the audit and content editor make it an indispensable asset for marketers and businesses in 2024.

It’s a tool that not only keeps up with the evolving demands of SEO but also sets a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in optimizing for other SEO tools in the market.


Surfer SEO offers four different pricing plans to cater to various needs, from small business owners to large marketing teams.

Surfer SEO Price - Surfer SEO Review

Here’s a breakdown of what each plan includes:

1. Essential Plan

  • Cost: $89/mo
  • Includes: Content Editor for up to 30 articles, Keyword Research, and invites for 2 team members.

2. Scale Plan

  • Cost: $129/mo
  • Includes: Content Editor for up to 100 articles, Audit, Keyword Research, and invites for 5 team members.

3. Scale AI Plan

  • Cost: $219/mo
  • Includes: Content Editor for up to 100 articles, generation of up to 10 AI articles, Audit, Keyword Research, invites for 5 team members, and personalized onboarding.

4. Enterprise Plan

  • Custom pricing (contact sales for more information).
  • Includes: Custom number of articles with Content Editor, custom number of AI articles, Audit, Keyword Research, custom team size, personalized onboarding, priority support, SERP Analyzer, White Label, and API access.
Worth trying
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Surfer SEO


Empower your content with Surfer, the all-in-one SEO writing assistant. Craft engaging articles with real-time optimization, multi-language support, and plagiarism checks. Elevate your strategy, boost traffic, and rank high effortlessly.

Features Breakdown

Let’s talk features.

Now, the features that I’m going to highlight in this section are the features that are most important to users.

Aside from the ones discussed here, Surfer SEO has a ton of other features that you can explore.


The Dashboard feature provides a comprehensive overview of everything you’ve generated using Surfer’s different tools. 

It gives you quick access to important keyword research outputs, drafts in ‘Content Editor,’ reports in ‘Audit,’ and many more.

Surfer Dashboard - Surfer SEO Review

The dashboard’s straightforward UI allows you to see everything on one page.

(1) You have all the Surfer tools on the side, (2) smart actions at the top of the page to jumpstart your content creation process, and (3) all the shortcuts to your assets.

Content Editor

The Content Editor feature is designed to optimize the content for better search engine rankings before it goes live on your website.

It offers guidance on what to include in content to improve its SEO performance on search results.

It provides recommendations for optimizing on-page content, including keyword ideas, keyword density, word count, number of paragraphs, images, and heading placements.

Surfer Content Editor UI - Surfer SEO Review

This feature leverages AI-driven insights to enhance the quality and relevance of on-page elements, ultimately improving the potential of the content to perform well when ranking pages.

Surfer’s ‘Content Editor’ is complete with editing tools that will help you customize your content the way you want.

It also displays a list of keywords that will enhance your content’s on-page SEO when incorporated.

Keyword Research

The Keyword Research feature equips users with the tools to identify relevant keywords and assess their potential impact on SEO performance.

This feature facilitates the discovery of high-value keywords that can be used for (1) pillar posts and (2) cluster topics.  

The keyword research features also display data regarding the (3) traffic potential and keyword difficulty for every keyword to inform content and optimization strategies.

It, however, does not reflect data regarding a keyword’s search volume, which we generally get in other SEO tools.

Surfer Keyword Research Tool - Surfer SEO Review

By providing comprehensive keyword insights, this feature enables users to find the most valuable target keyword for their SEO objectives.

Worth trying
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Surfer SEO


Empower your content with Surfer, the all-in-one SEO writing assistant. Craft engaging articles with real-time optimization, multi-language support, and plagiarism checks. Elevate your strategy, boost traffic, and rank high effortlessly.


The Audit feature conducts a thorough analysis of a web page’s SEO health, identifying areas for improvement and highlighting potential issues that may impact search visibility.

Surfer SEO’s Audit feature performs a detailed evaluation of on page SEO and technical SEO factors, uncovering issues related to site structure, metadata, and overall optimization.

It even scores your webpage by benchmarking your page against your competitors.

Surfer Audit Tool - Surfer SEO Review

What’s more helpful is Surfer’s easy-to-follow interface for its ‘Audit’ feature.

The report tells you what to add, what to remove, and what ranges to follow.

Surfer Audit Tool Features - Surfer SEO Review

Through comprehensive site audits, this feature empowers users to address SEO issues proactively, leading to improved search engine performance and user experience.

SERP Analyzer

The Surfer SEO SERP Analyzer is a powerful tool designed to help users understand and analyze search engine results pages (SERPs).

This feature provides detailed insights into the top-ranking pages for any given keyword, allowing users to identify patterns, trends, and key ranking factors.

Surfer SERP Analyzer - Surfer SEO Review

By using the SERP Analyzer, users can optimize their content strategy, improve their website’s SEO, and increase their chances of ranking higher in search results.

The SERP Analyzer is an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their online visibility and drive more organic traffic to their site.

Write with AI

The ‘Write with AI feature’ harnesses AI to assist in generating high-quality, SEO-optimized content quickly and efficiently.

This feature is easy to use, making writing with AI easy, even for those who are new to Surfer SEO.

To use this, you start by providing Surfer with the keyword you want to rank for.

Surfer AI Writer - Surfer SEO Review

This feature utilizes AI to provide content suggestions, structuring guidance, and optimization tips, enhancing written content’s overall quality and relevance. 

You can also choose to add to the outline it suggests you or click ‘Let’s write’ to signal the AI to begin writing the content.

Surfer AI Writer Features - Surfer SEO Review

Here’s the best part.

After Surfer AI generates the content in just minutes, in ‘Content Editor,’ you’ll see the full article/content that the AI-generated from scratch, complete with images, keyword optimization, and headings.

By looking at the screenshot below, clearly, it’s not all hype!

With a good content score and an ideal word count, the quality of the content will be publish-ready with just a few minor tweaks.

Results from Using Surfer AI Writer - Surfer SEO Review

By leveraging AI capabilities, this Surfer feature helps users create compelling, SEO-friendly content that resonates with audiences and search engines at a fraction of the time it would normally take you to complete a whole written content.

Let alone blogs or articles that are 3,000 words long or more.

In Summary

For our Surfer SEO review conclusion, we have a comprehensive deep-dive into Surfer SEO—a truly stellar SEO tool for anyone looking to beef up their online content.

On the market, it’s Surfer SEO vs a lot of other up-and-coming SEO tools, but after years of use, I’m here to tell you that its AI-driven features, like the content editor and the “Write with AI” tool, seriously up the ante for efficiency and effectiveness.

Even with multiple competitions, Surfer SEO managed to come out better.

Now, it’s more powerful, more targeted, and more insightful.

Whether you’re all about audits, metrics, or weaving the perfect keyword tapestry, Surfer SEO stands out as the go-to SEO tool in your digital toolbox for 2024.

This isn’t just about keeping pace with SEO trends; it’s about setting the bar.

Worth trying
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Surfer SEO


Empower your content with Surfer, the all-in-one SEO writing assistant. Craft engaging articles with real-time optimization, multi-language support, and plagiarism checks. Elevate your strategy, boost traffic, and rank high effortlessly.