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Hey there! It’s 2024, and the market now has more AI writing tools than ever. One tool that’s still in the game is Jasper AI.

But is Jasper AI still a top player?

In this Jasper AI review, I’ll give you my thoughts based on using it since 2021.

I’ve spent the most hours using Jasper AI among all the AI writing platforms that I’ve tried.

Whether it’s for a blog, an email campaign, marketing copy, or brainstorming, I’ve tried almost all of it using Jasper AI.

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So, if you want to get clear on whether Jasper AI is still the AI writing tool worth your money in 2024 or not, tune into this Jasper AI review and find out what I like and dislike about the new and improved Jasper.

In a few seconds, we’re going to find out whether or not Jasper AI is still the top AI writing platform we all came to know when it first launched.

Let’s get into my Jasper experience so you can get a closer look at what it’s all about in 2024.

Summary – Jasper AI

Jasper’s commitment to enhancing the user experience, especially with the recent update, is unparalleled. It’s a hard-to-beat choice for any content creation goal. The platform carries more templates than what an average user would need. Indeed, Jasper is still one of the best AI writing tools, if not the best.

4.5 out of 5
Ease of Use4/5
Customer Support5/5

What I like?

  • Improved browsing ability: This enhances the tool’s capability to provide real-time, up-to-date information from the web in just a few seconds. This helped ensure that the content I was creating or the insights I was getting were relevant to the content I was making and the questions I was asking the AI.
  • User-friendly UI: Jasper’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to navigate the tool efficiently, maximizing productivity. The new dashboard helps me zero in on what I need to use according to the content I’m creating, so I no longer have to scatter all over the platform.
  • ‘Remix’ feature for repurposing content: The ‘Remix’ feature empowers users to repurpose content effectively. Not all AI writing platforms have this feature, which is why it’s such a priced addition. For example, it helps me turn videos into blogs and documents into email outreach.

What I dislike?

  • Context errors in chat results: Sometimes, there are instances where Jasper mixes up the prompts you’re using. There were moments where, instead of taking context from my current prompt, it used the context from the previous prompt that I was already done with.
  • Geared toward businesses, higher pricing: Jasper’s focus on serving businesses may result in higher pricing, potentially presenting a barrier for individual users or smaller organizations due to budget constraints. I use Jasper with a team, which I feel is the most appropriate cost-wise, compared to using it alone—that’d be too pricey.

Quick Verdict – Jasper AI

Jasper AI has been a game-changer for me over the past three years. But with the recent changes, the platform just got better.

Its commitment to enhancing the user experience, especially with the recent update, is unparalleled. And for me, this is one reason why I really rely on Jasper.

Before, its browsing ability wasn’t my favorite feature, but today, its improved browsing ability ensures that the content you create is always based on the latest, most relevant information from the web.

For content creators, this is a critical detail. In blogging, it is important to always have sources for your claims. And with real-time browsing, it’s easier to pull out the most up-to-date sources to support your AI-generated content.


Jasper’s suite of tools may be overwhelming to some, but its intuitive UI enables users to use the platform efficiently through smart features that bring you to your most needed tool in just a few seconds.

The intuitive UI makes navigation a breeze and maximizes my efficiency, allowing me to focus on creativity rather than grappling with a complex tool.

Despite the higher pricing geared toward businesses, the platform’s clear commitment to helping users maximize their experience, combined with its high-quality lineup of templates, makes it a hard-to-beat choice for any content creation needs.

Jasper is, without a doubt, still one of the best, if not the best, AI writing platforms.

Who Is It For?

  • Enterprise Marketing Teams: Jasper AI is tailored for large-scale marketing operations, offering features such as AI-assisted content creation, analytics & insights, and brand & product positioning. This is ideal for marketing professionals handling diverse marketing needs within an enterprise setting who seek to automate tasks and get results in just a few seconds.
  • Businesses Seeking Strategic Marketing Growth: Companies aiming for strategic marketing growth and higher-performing marketing outcomes can benefit from Jasper AI. For instance, a global e-commerce brand looking to optimize its content strategy and improve marketing ROI could find value in Jasper AI.
  • Professionals in Need of Streamlined Content Creation: Marketers seeking efficient content creation tools, from idea generation to execution, can leverage Jasper AI to streamline their content creation process and deliver high-quality outputs. Jasper Art can also help you whip up AI images in just a few seconds.

Who It’s Not For?

  • Individual Content Creators: The comprehensive features and functionalities of Jasper AI may be more extensive than what individual content creators require, making it potentially overwhelming or unnecessary for those operating on a smaller scale.
  • Non-Marketing Professionals: Jasper AI seems specifically targeted at marketing teams, so professionals from other disciplines may not find the platform as relevant to their specific needs.
  • Small-Scale Businesses with Limited Marketing Needs: Smaller businesses with limited marketing requirements may not fully benefit from the extensive capabilities offered by Jasper AI, especially if their marketing operations are on a smaller scale.

Product Overview

Jasper.ai is an AI copilot designed to elevate enterprise marketing efforts with a focus on generating better outcomes, not just faster content production.

It features AI-assisted content creation, including on-brand assistance and campaign optimization, to streamline the content development process across multiple channels.

The platform emphasizes team acceleration through project management tools and review optimization, backed by analytics and insights for improved content performance.

Jasper also ensures high security and data privacy standards, offering API, integrations, and extensions for enhanced flexibility and control. It’s tailored for marketers seeking to boost engagement and drive growth through intelligent content strategies.

Personal Opinion

Let me tell you, the post-update UI is a total game-changer. It’s like Jasper just gets its users – no matter what kind of content they need.

Jasper is all about simplifying the process. For beginners, this means fewer learning curves when it comes to maximizing Jasper’s various content creation tools.

Every single feature is just so obviously geared toward making content generation effortless.

One example is the ‘Remix’ feature. When it’s about repurposing content, this feature is slowly becoming my favorite. 

Before the update, Jasper lacked this particular type of feature that other AI writing tools are already carrying under their suite.

Now, it has gotten even more easier to turn my blogs into YouTube videos.

I especially love this tool because now it’s more convenient to generate video scripts just by providing Jasper a link to the blog that I want to convert into a video.

I also want to mention Jasper Commands.

This is not a new feature of Jasper, but it’s definitely a nugget of magic that makes adding that extra oomph to my content a piece of cake, even on the fly.

You can even use commands to go SEO mode while on the editor and sprinkle in some LSI keywords.

Sometimes, I spot a portion of my content that I feel is lacking something, but with commands, I can fill those gaps in faster in just a few seconds without having to open Jasper Chat to generate texts (don’t get me wrong, Jasper Chat is another Jasper ‘PRO’ for me).

With Jasper AI plagiarized content also doesn’t have to be an issue anymore.

Because of the ‘Check plagiarism’ feature under ‘Tools,’ it’s easier to track content that’ll mostly be flagged as plagiarized for editing.

And those templates! They’re a total godsend when I need to whip up high-quality content in no time.

Basically, there are more templates available than what an average user would need.

But hey, who’s complaining? Regardless of the content that you need to make, you can bet that this AI tool has a template ready for it.

Unlimited words plus a countless collection of templates? That’s a content creator’s haven right there.

Now, I totally agree that it can also be pricey on the cost front. It’s definitely not the most budget-friendly.

But when we balance that against the sheer power and efficiency that Jasper brings to the user’s content creation game, it’s a trade-off we can live with, don’t you think? Me, personally—I totally can.

In my book, the value Jasper brings totally justifies the investment if I want to streamline content creation and rank better in search engines.

Worth trying
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Jasper AI


Accelerate your content strategy with Jasper. From idea to execution, experience faster, higher-performing marketing with AI-assisted creation and actionable insights. Join 100,000+ global teams in leveraging Jasper’s enterprise-strong foundation for better, more impactful content.

Features Breakdown

Now, let’s take a closer look at my favorite Jasper features. I’m going to highlight the five features that benefit me the most.

But to be clear, there are tons of other features of Jasper that are also worth exploring.

The New Dashboard

This is like the captain’s deck of a content creation spaceship. At the very top of it, the “What do you want to create?” can be found. 

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This smart action feature asks for specifications regarding the type of content you want to create, so it can help you focus on the tools that you will need without sifting through so many.


These are the secret sauce for whipping up top-notch content in record time.

I mean, we’re talking about ready-to-use templates that cover a wide range of marketing needs. Whether creating short-form content or creating long-form content is the objective, Jasper AI support is the support you need.

When creating content from scratch, just click ‘Create’ on the left side panel of your screen. And then, scroll down and look for ‘All Template.’

Clicking this will bring you to all the available templates under Jasper’s suite of powerhouse AI tools.

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From the so common AIDA framework to the marketing staple email follow-ups down to LinkedIn post templates and podcast scripts, Jasper basically has all the AI tools you’ll possibly need—it even has Jasper Art!

The next step is just to choose.

In my experience, I’ve already created numerous branded templates and forms using Jasper’s different templates. I formulate them with Jasper, and once I’m satisfied, I save them in Google Docs.


This feature is a game-changer for me.

It turbocharges the content repurposing process, allowing me to reimagine and recreate my existing assets into other content formats.

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It’s like a creativity booster shot whenever I’m in a pinch.

You can choose whether you want to paste a text or a URL, upload a file, or tag a knowledge base that you’ve already given Jasper.

After that, there’s a box underneath that says, “Tell Jasper what to do with this content.”

With this feature, leveraging Jasper’s AI to recreate your content in other forms becomes a breeze.

Style Guide

Ah, the holy grail of maintaining brand consistency!

The Style Guide keeps things on track by ensuring that every piece of content aligns perfectly with our brand’s voice and personality.

Jasper’s Style Guide is the control center of everything that you want the AI-generated content to show in terms of style.

For example, if you don’t want to see the term “artificial intelligence” in any parts of your blog post outline or in the captions you generate for your social media posts and instead want the abbreviation, specifying “AI” instead of “artificial intelligence” in your Style Guide will help the AI write in alignment to your style.

It’s like having a built-in brand guardian watching over our content.

Brand Voice

Jasper has truly nailed it with Jasper Brand Voice.

It’s like having a trusted advisor whispering in your ear, guiding you to maintain the authentic voice and tone of your brand across all content.

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Consistency is key, and this feature makes it a walk in the park.

In Summary

In summary, Jasper AI is a mighty tool for content creators, especially for those in the marketing realm.

It’s ideal for whipping up everything from blog posts to snazzy marketing copy.

Despite being maybe a bit much for solo creators or smaller businesses, Jasper’s features like the ‘Remix’ and the handy ‘Jasper Commands’ really dial up the efficiency for transforming and enhancing content.

What I’m head over heels about, aside from its tested and proven templates, style guide, and brand voice is its new and improved user interface that comes with a new dashboard.

The price tag may be a bit steep, but if you ask me, the time saved and quality boost absolutely justifies the cost.

The bottom line is that Jasper’s a sterling choice for content creators looking to make their lives a whole lot easier and their content a whole lot sharper.

Try it Yourself
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Jasper AI

Accelerate your content strategy with Jasper. From idea to execution, experience faster, higher-performing marketing with AI-assisted creation and actionable insights. Join 100,000+ global teams in leveraging Jasper’s enterprise-strong foundation for better, more impactful content.