The Accidental Online Entrepreneur

Meet Brian Shelton

My journey to online entrepreneurship was quite accidental. I never planned to start my own business online.

Years back, my first degree was in electrical engineering and I worked as a junior engineer leading a client project for a telecom consulting company. I loved the work...until internal politics reared its ugly head.

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I was devastated!

Although our end client gave me glowing reviews (one of the top reviews in the nation), behind the scenes, I soon discovered a coordinated plot to replace me with someone who wanted my job all along.

Through a series of secret events, I was ultimately let go from the project. And the plot was exposed.

Thankfully, I wasn't fired from the telecom consultant company itself. My boss saw through the politics and simply put me on "the bench" while they found another project I could lead.

I felt angry, betrayed, stunned, and confused! This was the closest I had been to being fired and it sucked!

Being on the "bench" meant that I would not collect a salary until I'm back on a project. Fortunately, my real estate income matched my salary at the time. But that's another story.

They say that the best revenge is success and I decided to take that advice to heart.

So The Journey Begins...

So, I started to explore online entrepreneurship as a way to build passive income and create more job security. I was determined to never be in that situation again.

I stumbled on affiliate marketing. I didn't have any experience, but I was willing to learn, so I started implementing what I learned. And things took off from there!

Within a few months, I had my first unexpected check in the mail. I was hooked!

For many months, I earned five figures per month. Not bad for a side hustle, right?

Eventually, I left my day job to focus on online entrepreneurship full-time.

But, then it happened!

It was 2012 and the Google Panda update decimated my traffic and earnings.

I was crushed!

I had sold all my rental properties (no monthly income) and my monthly affiliate income went from five figures to just a few thousand.

I was unemployed, had a minimum income, and had mounting debt!

What do I do?

I felt like such a failure!

I couldn't go back to engineering. I had already fallen in love with online entrepreneurship and I was not going to let a Google update stop me.

On my online journey, I had discovered an answer to a question I had in the back of my head for a long time: Why do bad products and ideas seem to sell better than good ones?

After some soul searching, I realized that it was because the bad products and ideas are marketed better.

And that's when I decided to focus on marketing.

So in 2012, I went back to school and earned my Master of Science in Marketing with a focus on digital marketing.

I studied how to create a compelling offer, write persuasive copy, build an audience, and generate traffic.

I took the skills I learned in telecom consulting (problem-solving, managing deadlines, working with clients, etc) and applied them to digital marketing.

Having worked with many companies from mom-and-pop businesses to well-known, multi-billion dollar brands, I see the potential in every business, no matter how big or small.

They all make these three mistakes...

No documented customer journey
No actionable metrics (they usually have vanity matrics)
Lots of tools & tactics that are used in the wrong way, and/or at the wrong time, and/or for the wrong people.

I also uncovered a passion for helping businesses grow and succeed- especially what I call transformation businesses.

Transformation businesses are businesses that help people be the best versions of themselves.

By helping transformation businesses, I'm able to indirectly help many others in a very real way.

It's a beautiful cycle that helps me stay motivated and fulfilled in my work.

Now, I'm on a mission to help one hundred transformation businesses grow and succeed by 2022.

I know it's a lofty goal, but I believe it's possible!

And that's why I'm now an DigitalMarketer Certified Partner- to help business owners achieve their desired results without sacrificing their time, money, or sanity!

So there you have it - my accidental journey into online entrepreneurship. It's been a wild ride, but I wouldn't change a thing!

If you're interested in learning more or working with me, I'd love to hear from you!

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